AESGP conference on Herbal Products!

It is clear that herbal products are ‘hot’.  The European Self-Medication Industry, AESGP, dedicates a 2-day conference to this topic by organizing the conference “Herbal (medicinal) products, food supplements and self-care medical devices. Paving the way to a coherent system” on the 7th and 8th of October 2014 in Brussels.
There lies a huge potential in herbal medicinal products and their potential to represent a qualitative and effective treatment for several self-care indications.  An important portfolio of herbal food supplements and/or medical devices is marketed, with very limited control on formulation of active substance(s), type of extract(s) used or composition of the preparation.
In the last decade, the European legislative framework in the fields of herbal medicinal products, food supplements and medical devices is expanding; However, on several key-issues there is still not a consensus within the European Counsel which has led to non-harmonized legislation within the different Member States.  The Association of the European Self-Medication Industry (AESGP) is organizing a conference on 7th  and 8th October of 2014 (Brussels) called “Herbal (medicinal) products, food supplements and self-care medical devices: Paving the way towards a coherent system” to look back at the achievements made, which issues could or should be addressed in the next five years and to discuss these non-harmonized topics.
Of course, an update is offered on the expected changes for the legislation on medical devices that is likely to be finally agreed on in 2015.  The complete conference program can be found here.
Professionals interested in the political and regulatory developments around herbal (medicinal) products, food supplements and substance based medical devices should attend this conference.
Phytomed will of course participate in this conference to keep being informed about the latest and future legislative changes of herbal products and considers the conference as an excellent opportunity to network and meet others working in the same domain.



It is clear that herbal products are ‘hot

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