Skin Ointment

MATUROSAN ® Skin Ointment is a vitamine greasy ointment based on Neem oil from the fruits of Azadirachta indica and Tea Tree oil. These oils have antibacterial, antifungal and immune stimulant effects. The oily ointment helps to prevent dehydration of the skin and allows the skin to feed itself from the inside out with humidity and fats, as it naturally does.

Properties of MATUROSAN® dermatological ointment

MATUROSAN ® is a nourishing and skin enhancing ointment with Neem oil from the tree Azadirachta indica A. Juss.

The properties of the MATUROSAN ® ointment base and of the processed oils are an excellent combination for skin protection and for care of sores and small wounds, by laying a protective film on the skin, by balancing and recovering the stratum corneum barrier function, and by eliminating harmful bacteria and fungi. Suitable for all skin types.

MATUROSAN ® skin ointment contains no steroids or antibiotics and is therefore suitable for the entire body, including the parts of the face that are not in contact with the eyes.

Neem oil: The oil contains powerful anti-inflammatory and immune stimulating properties and also has an antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral activity. These properties allow Neem oil to prevent the formation of abnormal cells, to eliminate infections and to accelerate healing of tissues. It is also a perfect skin repellent for insects.

Tea Tree Oil: Tea Tree essential oil is antiseptic, analgesic, antifungal, pus dissolving, antibacterial, insect repellent and prevents formation of unsightly scar tissue. It neutralizes the poison of most small insects. Tea Tree oil has a slightly narcotic effect, which is reflected in particular in the treatment of cuts, abrasions and burns. The antiseptic effect is twelve times stronger than that of Phenol, a chemical disinfectant for general use. The oil is used for minor skin infections, pimples, boils, cuts, insect bites and minor burns. Tea Tree oil does not irritate normal skin, is non-toxic and yet strongly antiseptic, germicidal and fungicidal. Tea Tree oil does not affect healthy tissue and promotes normal cell growth and cell renewal..

Vitamin A: The main effect of Vitamin A and its derivatives in cosmetics is their ability to normalize keratinization, by controlling cell growth and cell differentiation. This reduces the rough feeling and appearance of the skin. Therefore, the vitmamine A is often called the "skin normalizer" or "skin-rejuvenator". Vitamin A also promotes wound healing and also strengthens the inflammatory response. This hydrating formula with vitamin A and E regenerates the skin so that it remains soft and supple..

Vitamin E: Since vitamin E has the ability to neutralize free radicals, it is frequently used in cosmetics for its antioxidant or protective effect and thus helps the regeneration of the skin, and so the cream also protects itself against deterioration caused by the action of oxygen. Studies have shown that vitamin E reduces both UV-induced erythema, sunburn cell formation and lipid peroxidation. The clinical improvement of the visible signs of aging is documented with significant decrease in skin wrinkles. This is partly also by the result of the excellent moisturizing effect of vitamin E. The hydrating formula with vitamin A and E regenerates the skin so soft and supple.

What is MATUROSAN® dermatological ointment used for?

• Cosmetic protection for dry, thin, red and irritated skin
• For daily hygiene of dry forms of psoriasis and mild forms of atopic eczema
• Prevention of superficial infected skin wounds
• Skin restoration: cosmetic care for scars, sores and spots, chapped skin, winter hands and feet
• Excellent tool for the ripening of sores, pimples, minor cuts and scrapes
• Insect repellent ointment
• To softens skin after shaving and as protective hand ointment
• To help prevent or mitigate Stage I decubitus wounds (only when skin is red and intact)

How to use MATUROSAN® dermatological ointment?

The ointment can be applied several times a day (2 to 4 times). Bring MATUROSAN ® skin ointment on the affected skin under soft massage, so that it is absorbed by the skin.


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